leaders cultivate
spiritual integration where you live, work and play.

Live coaching and digital resources for
faith-based organizations.

About us

Exponent Group provides connection, equipping, and care to cultivate spiritual integration across all aspects of life.

We provide consultative services and resources for you and your organization to increase spiritual impact.

Our consultants meet you right where you are on your personal, professional, and spiritual journeys.

What We Offer

Experienced Consulting and Just-in-Time Resources
for Faith-Driven organizations

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Spiritual Formation

We provide spiritual direction and online resources to intentionally equip the people in your organization to more fully integrate their faith, lives and work through a variety of proven practices in an easy and effective way.

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People often do not lack relationships, but they lack deep community. Through coaching and equipping, we help you develop practices to create deeper trust and collaboration in community.

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Customized Consulting

Our consultants work with you to build an actionable plan that leads to greater alignment of your faith, life and work. Increased impact requires intentionality. We work with you to identify opportunities and implement simple strategies to multiply your impact where
you are.

Who we serve

We provide connection, equipping, and care to cultivate spiritual integration across all aspects of life.

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"Exponent Group has truly been a phenomenal partner! With their expert guidance and support, we were able to connect with more than 20 potential partners in a short amount of time - an incredible achievement! Their team went above and beyond to help us secure a long-term partnership with one of these organizations, allowing us to further our mission and make a real impact in
the world."

CEO, Founder


Our lives cross overlapping networks of relationships - Neighborhood, Professional, Church, etc. If you desire to be a whole person, and develop habits toward healthy relationships, but struggle to know how to integrate all aspects of their life, we're here to help. Our experienced coaches bring their in-field experience to meet with you one-on-one and help you take steps toward greater integration.


You have unique contributions to make. We want to see your constituents thrive and your communities flourish. We help you assess strengths, opportunities, and create a plan so you can develop your members and utilize all of your strengths as a unique community of individuals. We take the guesswork away by offering ongoing support as you take the next steps to equip your team and transform
your community.

Get started

Every situation has a unique set of needs, barriers, and opportunities.
Our process is simple.

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"Exponent Group helped me see how open to God my neighbors were and how I could simply help them discover God for themselves. My conversations with them moved from casual to meaningful and eventually to spiritual in nature. Eventually, the moments were very clear that I could invite them to discover God through the scriptures with me. Several of them gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in our neighbor's pool!"

CEO, Founder

Get clear

Schedule a "Discovery" call with an Exponent coach to identify your unique needs and opportunities.


Get equipped

Start meeting with your coach to develop the specific skills and resources laid out in your personalized equipping plan.


Get moving

Take what you have learned to transform the places where you live, work, and play.

Multiply Impact
Transform Lives

Your impact potential

Our clients are seeing results

3-5 x

Increase in achieved goals by following equipping plans

2 x

Increase in disciple-makers equipped through coaching


Increase in organizational reach by equipped leaders


What others are saying

Get started
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"Rethinking discipleship"

Exponent Group helped me rethink my perspective on discipleship. After a few sessions with them, I had learned the skills to appropriately engage my colleagues with spiritual conversations. Some of them began to study the Bible with me during our lunch break. One of them gave their life to Jesus and began helping his family discover God through Bible studies.

Vice President
Learning Solutions Manager
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“True transformation”

“When I started working with Exponent Group, I immediately recognized the importance of integrating the spiritual development component into my current community work efforts. When we engage in this deeper level of work, we will see a long lasting change & true community transformation.”

Non-Profit Leader
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“Equipping others”

"Being part of Exponent has helped me as a pastor to think about how I’m equipping others to have conversations that focus on following Jesus. The Pulse App surveys have kept our attention on evangelism that leads to disciples who can and do make disciples."


Multiply Impact
Transform Lives