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Are you feeling discouraged in how to help others connect meaningfully with Jesus?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the gap between your local church and your relationships?

  • Are you anxious to see friends and family connect meaningfully with God?

  • Do you feel isolated in your efforts?

  • Are you struggling to know where to begin?

  • Would it help to know what is working for others in different contexts? 

  • Are you dreaming of more long-lasting community change? 

We Are The Exponent Group

We understand the frustration of disciple making efforts that do not resonate with people, multiply beyond us or bring about lasting change in our communities. 

That is why we formed the Exponent Group — to test and evaluate disciple making strategies that work best in our modern contexts. 

Over the past several years we have discovered and refined simple processes that continue to improve as we learn from our efforts.  As a result, local churches are being strengthened as disciples are being made and multiplied across North America, Europe, and Africa over sustained periods of time.  Our friends and mentors have seen similar results also in Asia and Oceania.



Our Partners are Seeing Results

Gathering with others in a training team led by the Exponent Group gave me the support I needed to launch disciple making groups in my workplace and beyond. Some of those same folks are now launching their own groups with coworkers and family members!
— Rob

I have worked many years in the field of community development and community health in the Boston area, I have always been driven by my commitment to see our communities restore, heal and transformed. Over the years,I have met many people and encountered different lenses and philosophies on how to best solve community problems, but most fall short of any lasting change. I knew that I had to go deeper, I realized there was something missing in the equation. When I started working with the Exponent Group, I immediately recognized the importance of integrating the spiritual development component into my current community work efforts. This is where I shifted my framework and started making efforts to build communities from the inside out approach. Embracing a more wholistic view of community development and community health. In order to see long lasting and greater impact, we must engage local residents, guide them Jesus, raise community authority, raise new servant leaders and a new wave of Kingdom agents. When we engage in this deeper level of work, we will see a long lasting change & true community transformation.
— Suzeth

God is inviting you to experience His power through these conversation. Why wouldn’t I say ‘yes’ to that?
— Betsy



Let’s Get Started

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We will coach you and your team through our three stage disciple making plan

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The Exponent Group Works With People Like You

  • Business Personnel

  • Stay at home parents

  • Community developers

  • Church leaders

  • Non profit leaders

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Prisoners


In order to bring lasting change to our communities, we need to multiply disciples of Jesus across every corner of society.

How everyday people are making and multiplying disciples...


We help people multiply disciples through


We teach people how to begin making disciples with their friends and families


We connect people with mentors that have a proven track record of sustainable and multiplied disciple making


We connect people with the growing Accelerate network to expand their learning and find others to build ministry with