Helping Churches, Nonprofits and Businesses multiply spiritual and social impact across the globe.

We help organizations and individuals live out their faith in their work and make a difference in the world.

In today's complex society, people have diverse needs that span beyond the scope of a single sector.

Exponent Group exists to unlock the transformative social & spiritual impact potential that exists between for-profits, non-profits and local churches so that people are served holistically.


Relationship Collaboration

At Exponent Group, we envision a world where businesses, non-profits, and churches join forces seamlessly to create lasting positive change. By bridging gaps between sectors, we aspire to enhance the quality of life in communities and regions across the globe.

Our Services

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Develop the skills you need to lead and deepen collaboration

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Group Coaching

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Online Courses

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Leadership Development


Develop habits and practices that lead to a vibrant relationship with God.

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Spiritual Direction

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Online Courses

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Retreat Development

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Network Cultivation

Build strategic partnerships to transform your ideas into collective impact.

Work with Exponent Group to cultivate a network designed to accelerate social & spiritual impact across your region.

Exponent Studios

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Unlock impact with innovative solutions

For profit solutions for social + spiritual impact

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Individuals who provide feedback on spiritual direction report positive benefits across their work, life, and ministry.

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Active Engagements

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Influence Reach


Locations where Exponent Group is currently cultivating impact networks

New York



New Hampshire


Rhode Island







Local Church Case Studies

Unlocking the ministry potential in local churches

For Profit Case Studies

Impact company scales business by aligning with nonprofits

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Impact company scales business by aligning with nonprofits

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Tech start up finds product scoping partner through existing ministry network

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Non Profit Case Studies

Unlocking impact potential with innovative nonprofits

Abundant Life

Holistic care for the elderly and healthy discipleship in Panama

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Providing EMDR therapy for refugees

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Studio Case Studies

Growing impact and revenue in tandem

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Pioneering Innovation- Keep a Pulse on your impact

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Our Blog

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