Multiply discipleship in your city.

Exponent Group exists to build tools for disciples and connection between leaders for healthy ministry multiplication.
God filled you with a desire to share the Gospel and to make disciples who follow Jesus. We love that!

We build ministry tools and provide solid leadership coaching to help you succeed as a disciple-maker, no matter where you live!


  • Cultivate deeper rhythms of connection with God.

  • Learn how to grow and lead a discipling community.

  • Start making disciples where you are now!

  • Multiply disciples who reproduce their faith!

The Mission:

Exponent Group was formed by a team of evangelists and ministry leaders out of a shared conviction about the state of missions as we had experienced it in the field. Many ministries are doing incredible work in their context, but lack the capacity to build meaningful collaboration with other organizations whose work would advance their own efforts.

Further, many ministry teams are working to solve similar sets of issues in their context, but are unaware of what efforts are taking place outside of their immediate network of relationships. No team in the field wants to spend all their time in networking and professional development, but cooperation between ministries tends to form slowly.

Exponent was created to learn from workers on the ground and to “stand in the gaps” between ministries that desire to collaborate and partner for Kingdom work. We have the experience in the field to care for disciple-makers at a deeper level than their tools and strategies.

Our desire is to see your ministry freed from trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to practical ministry skills and rhythms for sustainable work. Both for ministry start-ups and established organizations looking to make a change, we welcome you into a collaborative network that supports your ongoing learning without drawing you away from the mission and role in which God has called you to serve.

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What people are saying:

"Exponent Group helped me rethink my perspective on discipleship. After a few sessions with them, I had learned the skills to appropriately engage my colleagues with spiritual conversations. Some of them began to study the Bible with me during our lunch break. One of them gave their life to Jesus and began helping his family discover God through Bible studies." - Rob
“God is inviting you to experience His power through these conversations. Why wouldn’t I say ‘yes’ to that?” - Betsy
“We have lost the core of our calling as a Church. God has invited us into a great co-mission with Him. Exponent Group has been a needed catalyst for the changes we are now making in our city.” - David
“When I started working with the Exponent Group, I immediately recognized the importance of integrating the spiritual development component into my current community work efforts. When we engage in this deeper level of work, we will see a long lasting change & true community transformation.” - Suzeth
"Exponent Group helped me see how open to God my neighbors were and how I could simply help them discover God for themselves. My conversations with them moved from casual to meaningful and eventually to spiritual in nature. Eventually, the moments were very clear that I could invite them to discover God through the scriptures with me. Several of them gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in one of the neighbor's pool!" - Dominique

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