Our Vision

Pursuing Intimacy with Jesus


The Exponent Group has been a step in deepening our own intimacy with Jesus. Over several decades of service to others, our team has cultivated the strong conviction that intimacy with Jesus leads us into a new reality.

Abiding disciples

When intimacy with Jesus is our core focus, we become contagious in our disciple making of others. We want our friends and family to experience the same depth of loving relationship with God that we are.

Transformation in Lives & Communities

Intimacy with Jesus changes… everything. We reorient all of our lives to align with His. Jesus invites us into ultimate freedom and healing. That changes us, our communities, and our nations.

Strengthened Capacity

Transformed people transform people. God has uniquely designed individuals in His body with specific skills and abilities that add significant value to others. The Exponent Group seeks to cultivate a growing coalition across organizations that enhance the vitality of everyone involved.

we envision…

waves of people falling in love with Jesus who help others fall in love with Jesus… all over the world. These movements are served by leaders like you that are pursuing intimacy with Jesus, community with one another, and the Kingdom of God becoming reality in their cities.

May it be so.

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Joe Reed