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We have helped individuals, churches, mission organizations, non-profits, and businesses in multiple contexts develop healthy disciple-making practices that reproduce. We have seen consistent impact with the teams we work with. On average, one team leads to 52 disciple-making relationships. Those 52 relationships reproduce to form 300+ additional disciple-making relationships. This has led to disciple-making activity in multiple countries.

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Exponent Group is led by our staff with oversight of a committed board of directors. Our work expands through the formation of strategic partnerships with existing churches, ministries and Christian leaders. If you would like to connect with one of our staff or provide financial support for their work, please click on the link below their name. Exponent Group staff and operations operates thanks to the generous financial support from individual donors.

Joe Reed
Founder, CEO
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Seth Bouchelle
Director of equipping
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Jeff Ott
Director of Operations
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Becca Patton
Director of Spirtual Formation
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Carissa Basuini
Field staff
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Board of Directors

Amelia Thompson
Board Chair
Joshua McDaniel
Caleb Southerland
Tom Griffith
Zach Luben
Gordon Lewis

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