Resources for Churches

Exponent Group has designed various services which include ecourses, trainings, coaching, and connections to partnering ministries. The following is a brief recommendation of a few ways to best utilize our services:

Options for Your Congregation

We realize that every congregation is unique. While we have three standard options for you to choose from, we also realize the sometimes a custom plan is the best way to go. Feel free to contact our offices and someone from our team will be in touch (email us here).

OPTION 1 $300/person : Equipping in Discipleship
You will be enrolled in our "Exponential Ministry" course. If you sign up with 1-4 others, we will include 5 coaching sessions over 6 month period to help you implement the principles. Please contact us before purchase to make sure we set your team up well to begin.

OPTION 2 $500 : E-Course Combo
You will be enrolled in our "Exponential Ministry" & "Exponential Leadership" course for 12 months. You will be invited to participate in a learning hub of ministry practitioners at a similar level of discernment. We recommend this for small congregations or churches who choose to adapt our training content, but do not desire coaching.

OPTION 3 $3500 : Exponential Church Package
Your congregation will be given full access to all ecourses for the first two "waves" of ministry team formation. You will be given 10 coaching sessions over the course of the year and full access to learning hubs from Exponent Group and its partners.

Download our free "Exponential Congregation" roadmap to learn how your congregation can implement the principles found in our course. There are helpful ideas for how to identify ministry teams from your congregation, how to stage ministry implementation and where to find help when you need it.