Integrate your faith at work.


will give you a biblical pathway to integrate your faith into every aspect of your life and teach you to authentically share your faith with others where you live, work & play.


Faith does not have to be a separate part of your life.

Many of the people you work with may be open to what Jesus offers them. They may be facing various challenges or simply have questions about the meaning of their life and work. Chances are, you can think of someone that was just described.

But how do you effectively and appropriately share your faith with others?


Learn how to integrate your faith at work.

Exponent Group's processes focus on helping every believer share their faith and make healthy disciples where they live, work, and play. Whether you choose to work through our e-course or join one of our roundtables, you will learn:

  • Prayer rhythms to guide your disciple-making efforts
  • How to identify spiritually open people
  • How to start spiritual conversations
  • How to invite people to study scripture with you

Faith does not have to be compartmentalized to one activity you do on the weekends. It can inform all parts of your life and be good news to people you work with.



Two Paths to Integrating Faith at Work

We offer two unique options for faith at work equipping based on your schedule, budget, and learning style.



Live, interactive small groups facilitated by our team of coaches. This twelve-month experience includes live sessions, additional resources, and one private session each month with a spiritual director/ministry coach. Learn More!

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This self-paced study gives you the freedom to go through our training on your schedule. Featuring 8 units of content with Exponent Group leaders, hours of supplemental video and written resources, plus workbook exercises to lead you down a path of integrating your faith at work. Start today!

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View Two Prayer Practices From Our Monthly Roundtables

Download a copy of our "Spiritual Formation for the Workplace," and try to practice these disciplines in your own prayer time this week. If you find the practice meaningful, reach out to Exponent about joining a roundtable. You can join a community of others learning to integrate their spiritual formation and share their faith at work.

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Want to participate on a different day?

If you would like to participate, but the scheduled times do not fit your schedule, please contact us. If we can accomodate your schedule, we would like to partner with you.

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