Exponent Group exists to foster collaboration for the sake of healthy ministry multiplication
We realize that to see a movement of new disciples of Jesus and new churches planted, ministries must work together to combine our skills, experience, and knowledge.

Here is how the process is working :

1. IDENTIFY - We identify "stakeholders" already serving in a region who desire to build momentum in God's movement throughout their region. These are pastors, non-profit leaders, business leaders, or even high-capacity disciple-makers who see clear needs across their context.

2. TEAM - We begin a process of building team to explore more deeply what other leaders and organizations are responding to these same struggles and opportunities.

3. WEAVE - Through the convening and discerning process of the regional team, Exponent Group invites other experienced partners from across our network whose specific skills or mission may help to serve the needs within this region, or who may help catalyze the development of strategic solutions to the needs that have been identified.

4. SUPPORT - Throughout this process, Exponent staff work to support teams through spiritual direction, coaching, and through access to our resource library for practical ministry equipping. The result is a collaborative movement of local leaders, supported both spiritually and strategically by experienced practitioners from a diversity of backgrounds to see ministries work together for greater Kingdom service.

If you feel called to be a build a Regional Coordination Project in your community or would like more information about this important work, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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