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Invited to participate with God in the building of His kingdom in cities around the world.

Exponent Group was formed by a team of evangelists and ministry leaders out of a shared conviction about the state of missions through hands-on experience on the field.

Ministry teams worldwide often work to solve similar sets of issues within their ministry context. Many teams are unaware of what efforts are already taking place outside of their immediate network of relationships. The reality is that few teams can or even want to spend all their time on networking and professional development. We know cooperation between ministries tends to form slowly. 

Exponent Group was created to learn from workers on the ground and to “stand in the gaps” between ministries that desire to collaborate and partner for Kingdom work. Our on-the-field experience allows us to care for disciple-makers at a deeper level than their tools and strategies. 

We desire to see your ministry freed from trying to reinvent the wheel regarding practical ministry skills and rhythms for sustainable work. For ministry start-ups and established organizations looking to make a change, we welcome you into a collaborative network that supports your ongoing learning without drawing you away from the mission and role in which God has called you to serve.

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