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an Empowering Culture"

Is your organization's culture attracting people and keeping them engaged?

Every year, organizations face turnover that is costing them time and money. People leave for a variety of reasons. People are looking for personal development. They also want to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

We will help you build an empowering culture in your organization.

At Exponent Group we equip the people in your organization to cultivate regular prayer practices, have meaningful conversations, and multiply impact in an easy and effective way.
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Organizations that pay attention to societal impact and personnel development are winning.

Studies have shown that companies with a highly engaged workforce are

  • 21% more profitable
  • Companies with good cultures showed an increase in revenue by 4x.
  • Employee turnover can cost an average of $5000 and several weeks of lost productivity

Beyond profit, business leaders must care for their staff as people. Burnout and mental health issues are on the rise. Your workplace has become one of the best places to bring healing to our cities.

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We offer workshops & consulting designed to help your leadership team build an empowering culture.

Our team works with your leadership to identify the best solutions for your organization. We have worked with organizations across many sectors in North America, Asia, Europe & Africa to cultivate an organizational culture that has led to measurable impact.

  • Cultivate an intentional culture
  • Engage staff with mentors
  • Teach staff new skills

When people have support for their own growth, they are more likely to stay. When they feel empowered to grow, they can be encouraged to help others grow. We look forward to helping you shape an exponentially empowering culture in your organization.

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Download "3 Steps to Build an Empowering Culture"

Your organization can be a place people look to join. You can build an empowering culture that unleashes the potential in every person. Download a free copy of our "3 Steps to Build an Empowering Culture" resource and learn to:

  • Cultivate meaningful community in your organization
  • Let self-discovery guide action and reflection
  • Leverage accountability for personal growth and greater impact

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