Inviting Someone Into Disciple Making Relationship

Conversations (and relationships) shift over time depending on the intentionality of each person involved.

How do I invite someone into a disciple-making relationship?

We have been entrusted with relationships that we deeply care about.  Wether we are at work, our neighborhoods or places where we socialize, we are interacting with people that God also deeply cares about.  The challenge we face is how to invite someone into a disciple making relationship with us.

Conversation Types / Relationship Levels

We have observed three major shifts in conversations that take place before an invitation to disciple making is accepted.  Suggestions about how to make a transition between these types of conversations are below.

  1. CASUAL - everyday conversations about life
  2. MEANINGFUL - ask questions about the current conversation to to take the discussion deeper. Actively listen to what they are saying.  Ask more questions to keep deepening the discussion.  This will help you learn more about what they are dealing with.
  3. SPIRITUAL - ask a question that links the discussion to something spiritual in nature.  You could share a piece of scripture that relates to their situation, or perhaps an experience in your own life that God used to teach you something.  Give the person time to reflect on this and see if they continue to show interest in discussing with you.
  4. *DISCOVERY - if a person shows signs of interest in the spiritual topics, ask them if they would like to explore what the Bible says about these topics sometime.  Using a discovery Bible study process, participants can openly discuss their questions and concerns without being pressured into an agreement.

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