Mapping our Ministry Relationships

How do we identify the people God is inviting us to serve and begin discipling?

There is significant nuance to the levels of receptivity people have towards the Holy Spirit’s invitations.  Not everyone is “ready or not” and it is the disciple maker’s role to lovingly attend to each person appropriately.

Simple Descriptions of Receptivity

We want to offer you three main levels of receptivity along with possible actions you can take in your disciple making activities.

1. Low Receptivity - Maintain your relationships with people at this level of receptivity. Look for opportunities to serve them and encourage further discovery, but do not force anything.

2. Medium Receptivity - Continue serving people, asking open ended questions to encourage continued discovery of what the Spirit is speaking to them.

3. High Receptivity - Invite people with high levels of receptivity to explore more of what God is saying to them through scripture. We recommend using the discovery Bible study process for this.


Above all else, remain in consistent prayer on behalf of all people.  Continue to seek the Lord’s invitations in the lives of people.  Use this to guide your intercession time.

Need more help?

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