Leading an Empowering Organization

How do we lead culture change in our ministries from ones that are cozy to cultures that are empowering people into healthy ministry?

How Do We Empower Others?

To begin, we have to ask the question about our starting point. Is our leadership style an empowering leadership style or is it something else? What about the culture of our ministry?

Assess Your Starting Point

Cozy Leadership Environments

Does your leadership style tend to provide safe environments for others with little challenge? In certain seasons of life, this is a required environment for people. But if we stay in that posture too long, we can unintentionally begin to enable unhealthy dependencies that lead people away from empowerment.

Bored Leadership Environments

Does your leadership environment simply exist? There are seasons in leadership where your time is being demanded in several other places and you do not have the capacity to provide the type of support you once did. Often, these seasons of leadership also come with a lack of challenge to those you are serving. When these two worlds collide, it's a perfect storm that creates a "bored" culture.

Stressed Leadership Environments

Does your leadership tend to call people to higher degrees of action? How well do those in your ministry feel cared for as they attempt to execute on this action? Determining others' feelings of support can be very difficult, but it is a skill worth acquiring. We cannot assume that what we believe is "sufficient level of support" is true for every person. It will require a great deal of listening and attention to determine this.

Determine Your Next Steps

The good news is, there are ways to lead your ministry out of their current state towards an empowered one. Take time to review the video and flip through the powerpoint.

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