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Evangelism Tools

Starting Spiritual Conversations

Mapping our Ministry Relationships
How do we identify the people God is inviting us to serve and begin discipling?
Starting Spiritual Conversations
How do we have spiritual conversations that lead to disciple making relationships?
Inviting Someone Into Disciple Making Relationship
Conversations (and relationships) shift over time depending on the intentionality of each person involved.

Ongoing Evangelism

Mosaic Exercise
How do we help people build a picture of God and God's Kingdom as they are being drawn into relationship?

Spiritual Formation Tools

Prayer Guides

SASHET Prayer Guide
How do we pray through the overlapping emotions that accompany important experiences?
Prayer of Blessing
The following guide is a tool adapted from the Ffald y Brenin community in Wales. It focuses intercession around the person’s body, labor, emotions, social & spiritual aspects of life.

Interpreting Prayer

Training Wheel
A simple conversational framework for helping disciples both new and maturing in faith to reflect on and discern God's work in their prayer practices.

Study Materials

Discovery Bible Studies

Discovery Bible Study Facilitation
The Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is the primary tool we use in discipleship and leadership formation

Facilitators FAQs

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Leadership Tools

Pastoral Leadership

Leading an Empowering Organization
How do we lead culture change in our ministries from ones that are cozy to cultures that are empowering people into healthy ministry?
Burnout Assessment
Determine the current level of burnout that you are experiencing

Congregational Leadership

Community Timeline Exercise
How does our community learn from its past while navigating its future decisions?

Regional Leadership

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Tools for Crossing Cultures

Foundations of Cross Cultural Ministry

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Case Studies

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