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Find the support you need from people who have the experience and the passion to see you succeed.

Exponent Group has designed the following courses after decades of field testing in multiple contexts. Each course will help you begin to make disciples that can multiply discipleship in healthy ways. We also provide direct ministry coaching with an experienced disciple making coach from our network. Choose one of our courses below to begin. Our courses are priced to cover the costs of our systems and development. If you require financial assistance, please contact our offices to discuss options.
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Exponential Ministry

Make Disciple makers

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Exponential Leadership

Lead Organizational Change

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Congregation Support

Church Wide IMplementation

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Exponential Ministry

$300 per person

In this course, you will learn some of the basic (and simple) skills every disciple maker needs.
  • Prayer rhythms to guide your disciple making efforts
  • Identifying spiritually open people
  • Starting spiritual conversations
  • Inviting people to study scripture with you

Exponential Leadership

$500 per organization

In this course, you will learn essential skills for leading congregations through the process of change.
  • How to build a pioneering ministry team for your congregation
  • Build your leadership towards a shared vision and strategy
  • Incrementally guide your congregation towards the desired future of replicative discipleship outside the walls of your church
  • Pastorally care for every member as you collectively move forward together
  • Mobilize the second and third wave of believers into the future state of being
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Congregation Support

$5000 per congregation / Year

Our Exponential Congregations package was developed to help congregation implement disciple making multiplication incrementally.
  • Full access to "Exponential Ministry" course material for two teams of congregants
  • Full access of "Exponential Leadership" for congregational leadership teams and staff
  • 10 coaching sessions throughout the year to help your congregation implement disciple making ministry.
  • Invitation to monthly coaching calls as available

Exponential Ministry Coaching

$75 per session

We find that three coaching sessions is required for healthy ministry implementation. We are able to customize a coaching package based on your current context. Please contact our office to learn more.
  • Get just in time support from seasoned disciple makers that can help
  • Build goals that are based around your current ministry development
  • Be accountable to the actions you set out to achieve
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What people are saying:

"Exponent Group helped me rethink my perspective on discipleship. After a few sessions with them, I had learned the skills to appropriately engage my colleagues with spiritual conversations. Some of them began to study the Bible with me during our lunch break. One of them gave their life to Jesus and began helping his family discover God through Bible studies." - Rob
“God is inviting you to experience His power through these conversations. Why wouldn’t I say ‘yes’ to that?” - Betsy
“We have lost the core of our calling as a Church. God has invited us into a great co-mission with Him. Exponent Group has been a needed catalyst for the changes we are now making in our city.” - David
“When I started working with the Exponent Group, I immediately recognized the importance of integrating the spiritual development component into my current community work efforts. When we engage in this deeper level of work, we will see a long lasting change & true community transformation.” - Suzeth
"Exponent Group helped me see how open to God my neighbors were and how I could simply help them discover God for themselves. My conversations with them moved from casual to meaningful and eventually to spiritual in nature. Eventually, the moments were very clear that I could invite them to discover God through the scriptures with me. Several of them gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in one of the neighbor's pool!" - Dominique

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