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Do the people in your church feel intimidated by the idea of discipling someone? 

Are they unsure where to start? Are they concerned with how people will respond to them?

They don't have to be intimidated.

In our church equipping process, the people in your congregation will learn some of the basic (and simple) skills every disciple-maker needs to begin discipling others confidently and healthily. In this course they will learn:

  • Prayer rhythms to guide their disciple-making efforts
  • Identify spiritually open people among their existing relationships
  • Start spiritual conversations
  • Invite people to study scripture with them
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Hear from former participants

Vice President, Learning Solutions Manager
"Exponent Group helped me rethink my perspective on discipleship. After a few sessions with them, I had learned the skills to appropriately engage my colleagues with spiritual conversations. Some of them began to study the Bible with me during our lunch break. One of them gave their life to Jesus and began helping his family discover God through Bible studies."
Financial Advisor, Investor
"Exponent Group is on the cutting edge of measuring spiritual impact in disciples."
"Being part of Exponent has helped me as a pastor to think about how I’m equipping others to have conversations that focus on following Jesus. The scorecard has kept our attention on evangelism that leads to disciples who can and do make disciples."
Community Organizer, Business Owner
“When I started working with the Exponent Group, I immediately recognized the importance of integrating the spiritual development component into my current community work efforts. When we engage in this deeper level of work, we will see a long lasting change & true community transformation.”
Founder, CEO
"Exponent Group helped me see how open to God my neighbors were and how I could simply help them discover God for themselves. My conversations with them moved from casual to meaningful and eventually to spiritual in nature. Eventually, the moments were very clear that I could invite them to discover God through the scriptures with me. Several of them gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in one of the neighbor's pool!"
"My coach didn't just help me understand what to do, he held me accountable for inviting my friend to explore scripture together. My friend recently came to faith and is discipling his family towards faith."

Congregations that pay attention to equipping their members with missionary skills are making an impact.

We work with your leadership to identify the best solutions to help you shape the culture of your congregation.

  • Cultivate a prayerful lifestyle
  • Engage with mentors
  • Learn new skills and help others grow

When people have support for their own growth, they are more likely to contribute to the mission of the church. When they feel empowered to grow, they can be encouraged to help others grow. We look forward to helping you shape an exponentially empowering culture in your congregation.

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