Pioneering Innovation with Pulse: A Step Forward for Exponent Studios

Exponent Studios, the innovative for-profit subsidiary of Exponent Group, is committed to building impactful solutions that drive positive change across various sectors. Their flagship product, Pulse, is pioneering the way forward for the Studio's vision and mission.


Our team at Exponent Group realized that the organizations we serve, from nonprofits to ministries, were struggling to keep tabs on how their people were forming both spiritually and holistically. In response to the challenge, we wanted to see if it would be possible to develop technology specifically designed to address the problem. 


That’s when the idea for Exponent Studios was conceptualized. Exponent Studios was founded to solve the challenge of creating a sustainable and effective model that not only addresses the pressing needs of social and spiritual impact organizations but also paves the way for the Studio's growth and success.

Pulse is the first product, a groundbreaking Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to revolutionize impact measurement, resource allocation, and staff support. Pulse solves the problem of impact measurement by enabling organizations to design custom surveys that help staff reflect on the effect of their work. These reflections are then intelligently linked to a resource library that equips staff to be more effective in the field.

Key Innovations

Impact Measurement: Pulse provides a dynamic solution to the perennial challenge of impact measurement. By enabling organizations to tailor surveys to their specific needs, Pulse helps capture real-time data from the field, generating comprehensive reports that inform decision-making.

Resource Empowerment: The integration of impact reflections with a resource library is a pioneering approach. This innovation bridges the gap between self-assessment and practical support, empowering staff to access targeted resources that enhance their effectiveness.

Marketplace Expansion: The visionary roadmap for Pulse includes the creation of a marketplace, analogous to industry giants Airbnb and Uber. This marketplace will connect field staff with coaches, counselors, and support personnel, fostering a holistic ecosystem for personal growth and professional development.


Transformational Insights: Pulse can equip organizations with invaluable insights into the effectiveness of their programs, enabling informed adjustments and strategy refinement

Efficiency Amplification: The resource library will streamline staff empowerment, leading to increased efficiency, minimized duplication of efforts, and the ability to directly address challenges in the field.

Innovation Momentum: Pulse's success will propel Exponent Studios forward, establishing a model for building innovative solutions that align with the Studio's vision of impact-first venture building.

Sustainable Growth: Pulse's subscription-based model and planned marketplace functionality are poised to generate sustainable revenue streams, fueling the Studio's continued growth and its ability to serve countless social and spiritual impact organizations.

The Pulse platform is a beacon of innovation and impact, signaling the dynamic future of Exponent Studios. Through its unique approach to impact measurement, resource empowerment, and planned marketplace expansion, Pulse exemplifies the Studio's mission to build solutions that amplify the effectiveness of social and spiritual impact organizations.

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