Empowering Transformation: West Bronx youth find healing through grief practices

Uprising is a grassroots community-based youth initiative in the West Bronx seeking to assist youth in their holistic development through providing opportunities, mentoring, and activities that inspire healthy views of self-worth, identity, and potential. The youth of Uprising actively work together in their communities to foster and grow the values they desire such as peace, safety, and hope. Recognizing the urgent need for transformative support, Uprising partners with Exponent Group to create a powerful combination of leadership development, organizational guidance, and healing through the arts.


In a community daily dealing with the impacts of violence, Uprising faces the critical challenge of providing effective support and healing resources for youth processing trauma and grief. Uprising seeks to empower their members to learn to identify as well as process their emotions and experiences in ways that lead to healing.


Exponent Group partners with Uprising to provide innovative tools for holistic transformation. This partnership involved the development of tailored leadership development materials and organizational strategies. One of these strategies included integrating writing workshops as a form of artistic expression and therapy. These workshops allow youth to process their grief and pain in constructive ways.


Leadership Development: The leadership development materials provided by Exponent Group are enabling Uprising to equip youth leaders with advanced skills in mentoring and guiding other youth. This investment in leadership is creating a stronger foundation for sustainable impact.

Healing through Art: The writing workshops have emerged as a powerful tool for the youth. Through creative expression, they are able to channel their emotions and experiences into artistic endeavors, fostering healing and resilience.

Transformational Shift: As a result of the collaboration, Uprising youth are experiencing shifts in the way they view and approach processing the violence and pain they face. They are learning healthy coping mechanisms and finding safe places and ways to deal with and express grief.

Community Impact: The impact is extending beyond the individual participants. Uprising youth are having a positive ripple effect on their community, and each other, as they engage with the healing process and subsequently influence their peers.

By combining leadership development, organizational support, and creative expression, Uprising Youth is demonstrating that even in the most challenging environments, positive transformation is attainable. Uprising continues to provide a beacon of hope and healing for the youth of the West Bronx.

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