Amplifying Impact Through Ministry Alignment: Impact company scales business by aligning with nonprofits

VeroSkills is an education platform that provides underprivileged students access to training and mentoring by top software developers, and competitive career opportunities. They partner with local community organizations who have boots on the ground and can provide feedback on student’s progress and needs. This strategic alignment with nonprofits catapulted Veroskills’ reach and impact, creating a ripple effect of positive change on both local and global scales.


Veroskills faced the challenge of scaling their company while ensuring they effectively served students and local communities. This called for strategic collaboration and resource alignment that would amplify both Veroskills' impact and serve their target audience. 


Recognizing the potential synergy, the Veroskills teamed up with Exponent Group to forge partnerships with a network of nonprofits, capitalizing on their established connections and referral sources. Exponent Group helped Veroskills facilitate a strategic alliance with Send Relief, a renowned organization specializing in refugee resettlement.

Key Collaborations

Send Relief Partnership: The impact company's solution aligned perfectly with Send Relief's refugee resettlement efforts. By partnering with Send Relief, the impact company harnessed their resources and expertise, enabling a streamlined launch of their solution in the refugee context.

Multi-City Expansion: Building on the momentum, the impact company expanded its reach to cities like Boston and Dallas, where existing ministries provided a strong foundation for collaboration. These expansions were guided by local ministry insights, enhancing the solution's relevance and effectiveness.

International Endeavors: Leveraging its strategic partnerships, Veroskills is working to go international, bridging cultures and borders to serve underprivileged students everywhere. 


Refugee Resettlement Empowerment: Through the partnership with Send Relief, Veroskills successfully provided training and work opportunities for displaced individuals and families to rebuild their lives.

Financial Sustainability: Through strategic collaborations and market insights, Veroskills achieved financial sustainability, breaking even by its second year of operation.

Community Transformation: Veroskills aligned efforts is catalyzing positive change at both grassroots and global levels, transforming communities and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

By forging partnerships with existing ministries, Veroskills seamlessly integrated its solution into ongoing efforts, extending its transformative influence across cities and nations. The success of their alignment-driven approach showcases the potential for unified action to drive meaningful change and create a legacy of empowerment for generations to come.

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