How Do I introduce New Ideas Into My Organization?

How Do I introduce New Ideas Into My Organization?

How Do I introduce New Ideas Into My Organization?

Leading groups through change is a difficult process. The good news is that the majority of people will gradually embrace change. The question is, "how?". Below is an illustration of natural responses to change with a brief description. On the following page, we will explore the leadership style that has shown to be the most effective way to serve people based on their natural inclination to new ideas.

Paying attention to how we posture our leadership

While it is true most people will adopt change, not everyone responds to the process the same. Leaders have the responsibility to serve those in their organization. By accurately posturing their leadership, people will be cared for as they move through transition. Look at the graph below to see our suggestions for how to posture your leadership approach with different groups of people.

Cultivating our emotional intelligence

The best leaders throughout history paid attention to the emotional processes of those they served. The greatest leaders throughout history also cultivated their own emotional intelligence to match the demands of the moment.

When we work with organizational leaders, one of the core tenets of our service is a focus on their own spiritual formation. We have recognized that in a culture of quick fixes, organizations that are mindful to the emotional processes of others stand out and see greater impact in their communities.

Things to think through

Quick fixes rarely lead to sustainable (and transformational) change. Cultivating greater emotional awareness in your leadership takes concerted effort and time. There are some helpful exercises that you can consider implementing which may help. We have created a 5-day leadership challenge to help you.

In the challenge, we will discuss the following things :

  • The leader's emotional preparedness
  • Understanding peoples' motivations for change
  • Understanding natural responses to change
  • Posturing your leadership to accurately support others through change
  • Preparing your organization for healthy ministry multiplication

Each morning, you will wake up with a reflection exercise and a downloadable PDF to help guide your prayer time. Feel free to share this with your leadership team and work through the exercises together. If you would like to connect with one of our coaches to process what comes up for you in your reflection, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to walking with you.

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