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Your impact potential

Our clients are seeing results

3-5 x

Increase in achieved goals through equipping plans

2 x

Increase in disciple-makers equipped through coaching


Increase in organizational reach by equipped leaders

Our story

Exponent Group was created to stand in the gap between organizations and creating lasting impact.

Our team represents multiple decades of field-tested experience developed in a wide variety of contexts spanning the globe. We share a deep conviction about the state of our organizations and cities: the more deeply integrated our faith, life and work are, the more our organizations and cities will flourish.

Out of that conviction grew our desire to provide organizations and individuals with connection, equipping, and care that intentionally help faith-driven workers cultivate spiritual integration across all aspects of their lives.

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Our Mission

Multiply Impact
Transform Lives

Exponent Group exists to provide connection, equipping, and care that help you cultivate spiritual integration across all aspects of your life. We believe you have a variety of gifts and opportunities, and we want to help you scale your impact. Our goal is to make our best learning available to faith-driven workers so you can identify your unique strengths and needs within a diverse network of relationships. We work to help you more wholly integrate your faith, life and work so you can maximize your impact and see real transformation take place wherever your are.

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Our values

The values that drive everything we do

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With Jesus



Across organizations



Simple, small, relational.



Lives are changed.



Between organizations for regional impact

Multiply your impact.
Transform lives.